Graziella Callado

Click on picture to hear new single "Tiny Girl on The Prairie"

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Click on picture to hear new single "Hiding Away"

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A new chapter in my life as a new EP is being released April 24, 2022
Watch for more information and offers.

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The story so far...

Graziella Callado was born in Sao Paulo. She started playing the piano at the age of 5. She graduated from Production and Direction of Cinema, TV and Radio. Developed her thesis in Digital Television. She's a songwriter, lyricist, singer, piano player, and nowadays she has over 100 songs, mostly produced by her. Pop-Rock, house, lounge and jazz music are her main styles. Her first producer said "you have the tendency to make jazzy songs". The fact that helped her writing in 5 different languages is that she lived in 5 different countries.
Over 10 years in Broadcasting, Radio and Cinema Production.


Adventures are her inspiration…  many more to come